Clasped hands speaking more than a mouth full of words. Wedding Session. Warm, passionate looks as well as eyes closed to focus on emotions more easily. Avoiding farce, poses and pretentiousness … This is how our sessions can be described.

Stream of emotions…

We lead a stream of emotions. We arrange the dance of feelings out of it. Because we help to express them, but we do not put them in any form.

So much about “posing” and the atmosphere and what about the rest? Stylization? If it is a love session (our alternative name for the “engagement” session), however simply clothes without inscriptions or patterns. Fashionable white always works best :)

Wedding Session on the day wedding is often our “must have”. If only because the couple will never look the same as at the moment. This trivial issue raises not only aspects such as the appearance of the wedding bouquet, hairstyles, and above all. Therefore it perfectly diversifies the set of photos from that day. In addition, it is the perfect moment for the couple, to focus on each other, while relaxing from the bustle of the wedding.

Wedding session

As for the wedding session, however, you can also relax a little more. The bride no longer needs intricate preparation by the hairdresser and makeup artist, loose hair and light daily makeup is enough. Speaking of the groom, leaving the jacket in the car is enough stylization: D.

In conclusion . You know how we work, how we prepare pairs, but the question “what is our (Couples) task” still remains unanswered. Similarly it is quite banal, thanks to the modifications I wrote about earlier ,you will feel looser during the session and the photos will also be natural, unpretentious. Your task is to let things happen, love yourself and enjoy the moment, so much :) Wedding Session is simple, isn’t it?

poznan_fotograf 6
fotografia slubna poznan 4
poznan_fotograf 4
sesja plenerowa poznan 1
fotografia slubna poznan 5
poznan_fotograf 9
fotografia slubna poznan 8
sesja plenerowa poznan 2
sesja plenerowa poznan 3
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fotografia slubna poznan 2
fotografia slubna poznan 6
sesja plenerowa poznan 5
sesja plenerowa poznan 6
poznan_fotograf 3
fotografia slubna poznan 3

Often, Couples ask us if we have an idea for Wedding Session … Of course we have :)
We like to have a session in the forests the most, because these are our natural environment;).

La casual, unpleasant session focusing on your emotions and feelings that you have will always be “on time”. Because the forest, i.e. the conditions in which we conduct sessions will always look the same, and your authentic looks full of expression of love will never lose their relevance … because they are real.

Unfortunately, contrary to appearances, it is not easy to find a place for such a forest session. In order for everything to work out according to our thoughts. We need to know from which side the sun will shine during the sunset. It is also good to have a few different spots in a given location.
So that the session is not simply boring.

We have a place for Wedding Session that meets all these conditions. It is an area that is located by the lake, there are coniferous, deciduous forests, birch sticks and fields … We know this place well, because at a time when camping was a more common way of spending free time. Often wandered around these forests looking for classes … We didn’t know each other then and our paths crossed;)

The best thing about this location is that we never did the same two sessions there. An additional idea, frame, and place appeared on each of them. Nature gives us a lot of opportunities, you just need to let her help us :)

Maybe let the pictures say the rest:

A full plan showing a young couple in a landscape
A full plan showing a young couple in a landscape
poznan slub sesja plenerowa1
fotografia slubna poznan sesja plenerowa6
fotografia slubna poznan sesja plenerowa1
fotografia slubna poznan sesja plenerowa2
fotograf slubny poznan2
fotograf slubny poznan3
fotografia slubna poznan sesja plenerowa5
poznan slub sesja plenerowa5 1
Wedding Session - We have our secret forest spot
Wedding Session - We have our secret forest spot
Wedding Session - We have our secret forest spot
Wedding Session - We have our secret forest spot
Wedding session

Sometimes the places we pass every day become unnoticeable for us. Everyone, however, looks at reality through the prism of their own experiences. What for some will be an ordinary park, for others it will become “this” just a park in which they learned to ride a bike, or to meet with those who in time became “these” only;)

Today we present a short entry about the open-air session of Patricia and Jarek, which we made on the known, passing by every day passers-by, the EXCEPTIONAL Poznańska Citadel.












Today we paste our publication, which some time ago, appeared on the prestigious polish wedding blog Bridelle.

On the day of the ceremony the couple has a lot of things to take care. This is because it is one of the most important days in their lives (check for more). After morning preparation, stressful (more or less) ceremony and first dance comes the first moment to take the breath.

This time is the perfect moment to make session on the day of the wedding. Why should you do it? Perhaps because Pair will never look the same as at this moment. This trivial issue not only touches on aspects such as the look of the wedding bouquet, the hairstyle  but above all, it makes reportage being more various. In addition, it is the perfect moment for our Couple to focus on themself, while resting from the festive hustle and bustle. Trying to make the most of our working time used well, we sometimes even make two such sessions – they take 5-10 minutes – which makes the material we give is very varied.

When we do this session, we try to “hit” the golden hour – a phenomenon that occurs only twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. The name is derived from the golden color of the light that emits the sun in the east and the west. See for yourself how magic arises …

Thanks to the wedding session you can afford to have an another outdoor session on a other day that is less glamorous and focus more on the personality of the person you are photographing, showing them in their natural surroundings, in places that are important to couples. They talk here, for example, about the park they were meeting in, the woods they like to walk together, the beach where the bride accepted the statement. The session of this type should be carried out without haste and pressure.

We make the session without posing, naturally. Couples detached for a moment on the wedding day, show a lot of positive energy, that our task is to properly show it. A short chat and a bit of fooling is the perfect recipe for a fun photo.