Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz?!

Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz?!

Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz?!

“We speak the same language, you are an esthete”

There are sometimes people you talk with for half an hour and you feel like you’ve known each other for a long time. As a result, our conversation during the signing of the contract or the wedding itself took the form of a dialogue with an old friend.

Marta and Paweł, did not care about details. Not enough of that, they told me (Hubert) that I should ignore them in favor of reportage photos – play for me. They did not want to have an “inventory” of the purchased details in the photos. Because they were interested in the photos, on which they will feel the looks and smiles, or simply true emotions. For me, these words sounded like a melody. As a reporter photographer I could not hear a better request from Paris.

The whole event took place in Jaroszewskie Wzgórze. A location that allows amazing photos at any time of the day. In my opinion, this is one of the nicest places for this type of events in Wielkopolska.

The story of authentic emotions is open to you :). Let the pictures tell the rest.

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 1

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 2

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 4

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 5

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 6

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 8

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 10

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 11

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 12

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 13

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 14

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 15

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 16

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 17

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 18

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 19

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 20

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 21

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 22

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 23

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 24

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 25

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 26

Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz?!

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 28

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 29

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 30

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 31

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 32

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 33

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 35

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 36

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 37

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 38

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 39

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 40

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 41

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 42

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 43

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 44

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 45

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 47

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 48

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 49

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 50

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 51

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 52

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 53

Session in the day of the wedding

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 56

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 57

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 58

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 59

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 60

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 61

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 62

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 63

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 64

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 65

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 66

Jaroszewskie_Wzgórze 68

Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz?!

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